Our eyelashes look small and tiny, but play essential role in our life. Which can protect your eyes from damage and enhance your whole beauty. Therefore, we should keep an eye on eyelash growth.

When we mention eyelash growth, false eyelashes and mascaras usually pops into our mind. However, there also have some natural products in the market that help us regrow longer eyelashes without any side effect.

You can take a try of natural oil such as Castor Oil, it is a kind of full-natural oil, all you need to do is brush castor oil on your eyeliner every night before bed. You will experience amazing result within few weeks.

You can also brush your eyelash gently and regularly. Which could  improve the blood circulation and help in eyelash growth rate.

At last, you can take a try of eyelash growth serum, such as careprost, which contains FDA approved bimatoprost to nourish and increase eyelash size easily. Just reward yourself naturally longer eyelash right now with this wonder lash serum.

careprost result

  • Nov 03, 2017
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