If you are on the way looking for the best eyelash serum for getting naturally longer thicker and fuller eyelashes. You are advised to read related blogs, articles or reviews online to get detailed information about different lash serums.

For example, if you have sensitive skin and eyes, you need to consider some product that can care your eye sensitivities.

If you want to choose a safe serum, you can keep an eye on Latisse. Which is the first and only serum that passed FDA approval. This is a kind of medicine that need prescription. You can consult your doctor and enjoy gorgeous eyelash with this serum.

If you want a cost-effective serum, here we highly recommend you to take a try of careprost, which contains the same ingredients as Latisse but only has a quarter price of Latisse. Careprost is also called generic Latisse. Besides, it is an over-the-counter product, which means you can easily order it online without any prescription.

  • Oct 12, 2017
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