Longer thicker and fuller eyelashes will make your eyes stand out and protects your eyes from dust and damage effectively. If you are not lucky enough endowed with ideal length eyelashes but still want to regain it, you can try following tips.

Tip1# Mascara

For those women who want beautiful lashes, choosing proper mascara is one of the best way to enhance lash beauty. Brush the mascara correctly along your lashes. Besides, you can also use the eye shadow and other make-up to enhance effect.

Tip2#: Eyelash extensions

Using mascaras or false eyelashes are good ways to improve the appearance of the eyelashes. You can also take a try of false eyelashes. Of course, you should choose brand new and high quality to avoid the chemical substance.

Tip3#: Eyelash Serum

Eyelash growth is the last and most effective product to increase size. Careprost can help you regrow naturally longer thicker eyelashes. Brush it along your eyeliner every night before bed and you will get full lash in few weeks. 

careprost before and after

  • Aug 17, 2017
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