Lumgian is created to treat glaucoma, and it was found by accident that this drop led to longer eyelashes. That's how latisse is launched to increase eyelash size. If you want to enhance lashes with this product, you should learn more about it at first. Following is the pros and cons of this product.


  • Increases the eyelash length and increases the number of eyelash hairs resulting in Longer, Thicker, Fuller Lashes.
  • May permanently darken eyelashes
  • Particularly beneficial to people with Hypotrichosis (another name for having inadequate or not enough eyelashes).


  • NOT a drug-free solution
  • Many potential side-effects including irritation, skin hyperpigmentation (skin turns brown), and potential permanent darkening of the iris to brown.
  • Only available by prescription
  • Cost is over ~$100

Other cosmetic companies who previously used the prostaglandin analog Bimatoprost in their formulations and/or were perceived by the FDA to have made "drug" claims have now been required by the FDA to change their formulations and/or repackage their products.


  • Aug 07, 2017
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