For people who want to regrow naturallylonger eyelash, they must have heard of the latisse. which is the only andfirst FDA approved serum to increase size. There also have many serums that claim tobe generic latisse, which contains the same ingredients as Latisse. What's thedifference between them?

Latisse is rebranded and repackaged LUMIGANophthalmic solution which had great side effect to grow more and longereyelashes by lengthening the growth phase of each eyelash. careprost  has same ingredients as latisse and the priceis much lower. Therefore careprost is also named generic latisse. For the abovethree product, careprost is most cost-effective one.

All of them contain same ingredient namedbimatoprost, which is also approved by FDA to treat Glaucoma.

If you want to get gorgeous eyelash, justtake your time to buy careprost from official store, this product is thegeneric version of  latisse eyelash serum.the price of it is much lower. You can regrow naturally longer and thickereyelashes in 4-12 weeks.


  • Jul 25, 2017
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