People who are applying false eyelashes should attention that he American Academy of Ophthalmology has officially cautioned against the dangers of lash extensions and their glue, which may cause the  infections and swelling of the cornea and/or eyelid. If you want to enhance your eyelash beauty, you should pay attention to the product safety.

There are some natural oil or home remedies that help to nourish eyelashes or extend lash growth phase to increase eyelashes. Or you can also take a try of lash serum, which is the popular product in the market to help you regrow naturally longer thicker eyelashes in few weeks.

Careprost is an generic version of latisse, it contains FDA approved serum to lengthen and darken eyelash effectively without any side effect. The window to your soul gets new drapes, if you will. 


  • Jun 24, 2017
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