Our eyes can speak more than lips, and the eyelashes upon eyes are just like feathers of a bird, which works effectively to make a woman  striking and attractive. That's why almost woman desires naturally longer thicker and darker eyelashes.

Now you can achieve this goal with lash serum such as latisse, being the only fda approved serum, it works to enhance lash size in 4-8 weeks, and this product has helped thousands of guys to regrow lash back. Only one thing, it is an drug with high price, you also need a prescription to get it, some clients complaints that they cannot afford it.

Don't worry, careprost is your answer. With same ingredients as latisse, this product is the generic version of latisse, what's more, it is an over-the-counter serum for you, do not need any prescription, you can get it with only a quarter price of latisse!

careprost VS latisse

  • Jun 15, 2017
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